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A healthy church

in every community

in France

A dynamic church-planting movement across France

  • Creating opportunities for existing churches to plant new churches

  • Developing effective tools for church planters and parent churches

  • Fostering models for funding new faith communities in a European context


A slew of dedicated workers contributing to new church plants

  • Raising up workers that are passionate about the communities they are reaching

  • Providing a clear path for getting involved in church planting

Churches that are growing and multiplying

  • Focusing on developing healthy churches, adapted to the needs of the community and fully engaged in God’s mission

  • Exploring a variety of church models


A local, or missional, approach

We believe that being embedded in a local organization is one of the most effective models for cross-cultural ministry. We are dedicated to teaming up with our colleagues in the Assemblies of God of France, so as to build to an organic and sustainable work. 

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